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Paul Van Schalkwyk

Simply Stunning images from Namibia - from Etosha all the way down to the Skeleton Coast. Come the apocalypse it is either going to be Namibia or the Transkei.
Sir Bobalot Memorabilia

Memorabilia now available

You just never know what is going to brighten up a day - and a Bobalot themed birthday present served to lighten spirits. From Mr Wendy & Mrs Brydon came the first piece of Sir Bobalot memorabilia to be seen by the world. Muchly appreciated and will be the start of line including iron board […]
Auto-Awesome Photo Embed

Auto Awesome Photos

Trying to get my head around how you can use Google+ videos & photos on other websites. Not as straight-forward as I would have hoped which is annoying given that Google+ was set up to be an open platform. - Functionality of auto-uploading in Android makes life a load better & the styling of auto-awesomes […]
Thanks for all the mammaries

Thanks for all the mammaries

A thousand smiles to all & sundry for bringing me into my forties with a graceful game of cricket. Missed a load of people in different countries but had a ball in the sunshine. Notable points from the day including watching my mother bowl an over in the midday sun, watching my father hit one […]
Situated on the Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate, several hectares of lush vineyards and the Constantiaberg define the boundaries of Constantia Uitsig Cricket Oval

40th Birthday Cricket Plans

40th Birthday Cricket Plans were sparse, but I was gently inebriated last Friday night and stumbled across one of my favourite venues in Cape Town. The Constantia Uitsig Cricket Ground is set in the wine estate and really is a little special. Rough plans are a day outdoors on the 21st December 2013 with children […]
Ruined Ankle II - Part Three

Ruined Ankle II – Getting Better Every Day

Ruined Ankle II - the latest news from a rainy Cape Town. Scanned again today and the doctor and I feel quietly positive for the future.
Cape Town Winter Restaurant Deals

Cape Town Winter Restaurant Deals | Compliments of the house

Sir Bobalot's list of Cape Winter Restaurant Deals/Specials - By Far the best time to eat in this godforesaken city. In order to receive any of these special deals you must present an acceptable post dinner artform at the end of your meal. Downloadable here. SPOTLIGHT OFFERS Borracho's Mexican Restaurant - Order any main meal […]
Brick and Jemma

Brick & Jemma in Cape Town

A cold 'Weekend' morning in Cape Town saw Brick & Jemma husbands don their wet suits and brave the shark infested waters. We salute the effort shown to come out here and your love of catching the big one. Brydon & Russell looked like the emaciated Saffas that they are in comparison with these two […]
Karma Bunny

The Karma Bunny

Fear not, the morphine has now subsided and with a clear head and the promise of chocolate later, I finally get to pen my thoughts on the South African medical system and the Karma Bunny. The Karma Bunny is not mine - I simply write about him on behalf of my cousin, the youthful Michael […]
Rob Laughton Ankle

Don’t play Tennis

We take our lives in our hands every day. Tennis on Sunday culminated in the "sprain of the left ankle with syndesmosis injury and widening of the distal tibia / fibula". Surgery on Wednesday and tennis again in six months. Arse - for more information look at this article.

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