Post Dinner Artforms

Post Dinner Artform Hashtag

Post Curry Machinations – The Hashtag

Has been a long time but a Saturday night in the docile village of Buxted with nauseating locals led to the latest post dinner artform - entitled "The Hashtag". Celebrating the very essence of the post dinner conundrum, The Hashtag is a thing of awe, utility and humility.
Post Dinner Artforms

Post Dinner Artforms in the Guardian

A rip off on our theme featured in the Guardian.
Post Dinner Artforms Ten Years

Ten Years & Counting | Post Dinner Artforms Limited Edition

A very special, limited edition Post Dinner Artform celebrating ten years with my belle. Very pleased to note that it was apparently the first time the post dinner artform had been seen in this restaurant in Cape Town. A special moment for all.
Soy Sourcery

Soy Sourcery | Post Dinner Artforms with a twist

A valid Post-dinner artform? The debate about whether this soy sourcery should be included in the post dinner artform archives will rage long after Bob has bobbed off. My wife was strongly against me posting this as a Post Dinner Artform due to it actually being a mid meal affair. After long & hard deliberation […]
Post Dinner Artforms

A love rekindled through Post Dinner Artforms

Re-kindle your love with Post Dinner Artforms. The flotsam & jetsam of life can leave love being appreciated yet not nurtured. The love we feel for our wives/children can become more conceptual than immediate when faced with long car journeys, flights and Sunday afternoons. Unless we sit back and take time to reflect. We took […]
Not a post dinner artform

Not a post dinner artform – NO NO NO

A submission from a young lady from Eccles was gratefully received this morning. Not a post dinner artform - let's be clear. Post dinner artforms are post dinner - they are not pre-dinner. No No No - stop it. I don't want any of this crap anymore. No more of this crap.
Post Dinner Artforms Cafe Cream 3

Cafe Cream | Back to basics

Back to the old favourite minimalism style. Inspired by the simplicity of Carrot Squared. Should be pointed out that this was not really a post dinner artform and falls more in the category of post lunch artforms. Hosted by the magnificent Groot Constantia vineyard in Cape Town. Ice cream cones and silver spoons (for the […]

Post Dinner (Cray Fish) Artforms (with Rich)

Post dinner artforms just keep on rolling onwards and upwards - Sea Food Part Two is upon us (Please note that we are not responsible for the lighting from overhead heaters which has wreaked havok with the orangeness(?) of the entrails). Tonight's entry is fraud. Taken last night but my lazy ass has only just […]

Astounding but true | A set of Post Dinner Artforms

A couple of meals out today and therefore the first ever blog with a lunch and dinner entry combined. All entries from in and around the Mosaic Estate near Hermanus. We have received a few entries recently from Spain and Peru that have been obviously taken within the home. Although we appreciate your efforts please […]

Post Dinner Artforms – Carrot Squared

Very pleased with the minimalist styling on this one. The result of a carrot and coriander soup and fresh salad at lunch today. I think the global response to Post Dinner artforms is driving me onwards. Your countless emails are appreciated.

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