Family History – Meet the Aitkens

From the archives a selection of photos dating back to 1936 holidays in Scarborough

Youff Culture

And so to the end of year Buxted School Youth theatre group
Wha Daur Meddle Wi Mi

A fifty year old doodle

Julie's Scottish great grandfather (1887 - 1965) doodled this. He was a lithographer - I rather like it. Those in need can request a translation. Hint being a little prickly

Les Gets

Lovely three days skiing with Andy in Les Gets. Although a farmer he is actually quite a nice guy with an ability to fall down the mountain with certain style and grace.
Six Foot Stuffed Camel Part One

The Camel has landed

The Camel has landed - nuff said bout da Six Foot Stuffed Camel

One Armed Bandits

Our new favourite in the world of one arm bandits - Copper King

Amsterdam 2015

Ribbed for your pleasure
Sir Bobalot Memorabilia

Memorabilia now available

You just never know what is going to brighten up a day - and a Bobalot themed birthday present served to lighten spirits. From Mr Wendy & Mrs Brydon came the first piece of Sir Bobalot memorabilia to be seen by the world. Muchly appreciated and will be the start of line including iron board […]
Spotify Sir Bobalot 2013

Playlist for 2013

A little share for the spotify friendly amoung you. Please feel free to delete the obvious children-orientated tracks & tracks I have to put in to amuse the Saffa's among you all I think the endearing song of the year for me is Chain my Name by Polica, but having said that the favourite over […]

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