Youff Culture

And so to the end of year Buxted School Youth theatre group
Wha Daur Meddle Wi Mi

A fifty year old doodle

Julie's Scottish great grandfather (1887 - 1965) doodled this. He was a lithographer - I rather like it. Those in need can request a translation. Hint being a little prickly

Les Gets

Lovely three days skiing with Andy in Les Gets. Although a farmer he is actually quite a nice guy with an ability to fall down the mountain with certain style and grace.
Six Foot Stuffed Camel Part One

The Camel has landed

The Camel has landed - nuff said bout da Six Foot Stuffed Camel

One Armed Bandits

Our new favourite in the world of one arm bandits - Copper King

Amsterdam 2015

Ribbed for your pleasure
Sir Bobalot Memorabilia

Memorabilia now available

You just never know what is going to brighten up a day - and a Bobalot themed birthday present served to lighten spirits. From Mr Wendy & Mrs Brydon came the first piece of Sir Bobalot memorabilia to be seen by the world. Muchly appreciated and will be the start of line including iron board […]
Spotify Sir Bobalot 2013

Playlist for 2013

A little share for the spotify friendly amoung you. Please feel free to delete the obvious children-orientated tracks & tracks I have to put in to amuse the Saffa's among you all I think the endearing song of the year for me is Chain my Name by Polica, but having said that the favourite over […]

Travel complaints of the English

These are actual complaints received from dissatisfied customers by Thomas Cook. For context for our foreign based readership ... Thomas cook is one step up in quality from waste disposal 1. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local convenience store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger […]
Dungeons Hout Bay

The Dungeons | Hout Bay

Monday 5 August 2013, will go down in the history books at Dungeons based around the corner from where we live in Hout Bay It was one of the most perfect swells in living memory. It’s hard to put an exact size on it. Some surfers were calling it 20 foot, others 30 foot plus, […]

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