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Bordeaux 2015

A little ditty from our host There was a young lady called Zoe Whose name I didn't quite knowy I thought it was dolly or even miss Polly I always get names wrong, by heavens good golly Now I have got it, at last I remember, her real name is Glowie

Aged Inneses

A selection of photos from the archives courtesy of Jean and Dave - We present the Aged Inneses
Lynda Laughton caught jiving

Lynda Laughton caught jiving

Well worth a look is the new footage taken in Bury St Edmunds of Lynda Laughton who seems to have been captured on video jiving. All the talent of a young Tessa Sanderson. The original can be found here.
Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all

As the closing phrase says, same procedure this year? Same procedure every year! Sorry but no Christmas cards from me again this year - please get used to this Merry Christmas to all and onwards to 2014
William Edward Innes

William Edward Innes

William Edward Innes was born 25/11/2013 to Robert & Helen Innes in Chichester. Happy Days as Rob Innes Says. The Laughton Family is increasingly marginalised by the sheer number of Inneses at family events.
Tesco Value lager

Linda & Mikey’s Wedding

A simply delightful weekend spent in Glasgow for Linda & Mikey's Wedding. Commentary to follow but photos and a couple of videos attached in the short term. Highlights have to include the Gregor Aitken speech, Tammy Aitken's warmup session and the smooth & assured dance steps of Andrew Aitken. We liked the Moorpark House venue […]
David Innes

David Innes – The unacceptable side of retirement – Part Two

It has been a busy day in Cape Town for David Innes - his doze seems to regenerated the young man. I can only apologise for the graphic nature of this photo - and ask that you delete your internet immediately to prevent this popping into your dreams.
David Innes

David Innes – The unacceptable face of retirement

David Innes landed this morning with a spring in his step - yet within the hour was caught dozing. Long live retirement.
David Innes

David Innes and his urchins

They look loyal and humble in the presence of the old master.

Gail Cornick Furniture restorer

Finally - after her brother was spiked in the arse on numerous occasions. Gail Cornick Furniture restorer is in business.

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