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Marshmallow Song 2016

The one you have all been waiting for - the latest installment of the Marshmallow song from the Lizard 2016.
Laughton 2015 Ibiza selfie

Ibiza 2015

Don't mention it to anyone as we are not meant to be here. Hopefully the lawyers won't catch up with us. View the googleised album by hitting your mouse on these underscored words.

Harvest Festival 2015

Another strange occurence in the countryside as children grouped together to celebrate a higher power and the importance of vegetables in a rural economy with little/no farming. A father's sceptical side battled with the obvious outpouring of pride as he watched the little ones belt out some blinders.

Goodbye Henry

We lost one of our cats today to a car wheel we think. We planted a tree to remember Henry who had been with us for around eight months. His brother and shadow coped better than we did. Lastly as a final farewell to Henry we had a huge fire and toasted sweet things.

Birling Gap

Sounds a bit more like a disease than a location but we spent Sunday afternoon last week, enjoying what may be the last of the Summer/best of the Autumn at Birling Gap. A stunner

Bordeaux 2015

A little ditty from our host There was a young lady called Zoe Whose name I didn't quite knowy I thought it was dolly or even miss Polly I always get names wrong, by heavens good golly Now I have got it, at last I remember, her real name is Glowie

Cornwall 2015

Laughton Senior took five days away with the youngest children in a friends field near St Keverne. The full photo album can be viewed here - Molly Swings The Marshmallow Song

Mrs Laughton of Bedford

A tiny bit of family history linking the Laughton family to Bedford, A society lady & daughter of a Major General who enjoyed the stage.

Aged Inneses

A selection of photos from the archives courtesy of Jean and Dave - We present the Aged Inneses
The Laughtons by Zoe Laughton

Happy Birthday Zoe

Six years and counting with a birthday party tomorrow to celebrate. How she perceives us as a family is interesting - Julie looks like she's the top dog but does have an alarming similarity to a senior member of the Nazi party.

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