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Monday 5 August 2013, will go down in the history books at Dungeons based around the corner from where we live in Hout Dungeons Hout BayBay It was one of the most perfect swells in living memory. It’s hard to put an exact size on it. Some surfers were calling it 20 foot, others 30 foot plus, but safe to say the sublime conditions enabled many of the takers to paddle in to the wave of their life. Check out the video & shots taken here - Dungeons get Sublime. All photos compliments of them Large swells like the one that hit the Cape yesterday with periods in the 18 to 20 second range are not particularly common in ZA – there’s only so much distance between us and South America. A big 19 second swell like this one has had its energy added as far away as we can hope. And a 5m swell at 19 seconds along our coast is a very good hand. It’s like getting dealt a pair of aces in your favourite card gambling game. Add to that light local winds and no competing swells, and you’re sitting with four of kind. It’s time to cash in. Some swell stats from Monday and Tuesday in Cape Town: The swell peaked at 5.38m at 11 o’clock at night on the 5th (last night) The period peaked at 18.91 seconds at 5pm on the 5th (last night) Swell direction was 235 degrees
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