Soy Sourcery | Post Dinner Artforms with a twist

A valid Post-dinner artform? The debate about whether this soy sourcery should be included in the post dinner artform archives will rage long after Bob has bobbed off. My wife was strongly against me posting this as a Post Dinner Artform due to it actually being a mid meal affair. After long & hard deliberation by the pool I decided to publish as I regard this a truely unique piece of dinner table art - we would not be men if we didn't disregard the opinions of the fairer sex. Sushi, spilt soy sauce and serendipity resulting in a stunning fish type image in the linen. Where others find Elvis on a piece of toast we are blessed to find sealife in tablecloths. Long may the long march of post dinner artforms continue. Soy Sourcery
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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