The Karma Bunny

Fear not, the morphine has now subsided and with a clear head and the promise of chocolate later, I finally get to pen my thoughts on the South African medical system and the Karma Bunny. Karma BunnyThe Karma Bunny is not mine - I simply write about him on behalf of my cousin, the youthful Michael Aitken - but all need to heed the warning. With the Karma Bunny if you're bad then you'll be found out in the end. The full circle of karmic retribution will come back to bite. Sort of like Santa Claus in that he is looking over you at all times but ..... There are subtle differences with Santa though. Where Santa will simply stop your presents once a year, the karma bunny will mess with you when you least expect it. He's here, he's there .... and he simply tasked with retribution against your bad actions. Please, please watch out, take care & be good - The last person you want to mess with is the Karma Bunny.
Lastly - The South African medical system is great.
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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