Walker Bay Trip | Early tenth wedding anniversary

Laughton Walker Bay 2013 We took a weekend away to pre-celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this weekend - timed this way as we had babysitters on call at this time. About two hours out of Cape Town is a small town called Stanford which we had visited before with the children (just when we had arrived. A really small town with a lot of heart, second hand shops and a great restaurant called Marianna's - which I would rate in my top ten restaurants that I have eaten at. Pottered around there for the afternoon and then went on to a hotel between Gansbaai and Stanford called Grootbos which is located in the rolling hills looking over Walker Bay. Hotel was typical fare but had a strong environmental message behind it as the owner had integrated bio-conservation into the very heart of what they did. Training for local people on how to use Fynbos and how to make a living from the land. We had a great time going down onto the virgin beaches of Walker Bay and just taking some time away from everyone and everything. Tenth wedding anniversary is on 16th August 2013 but best that it was done now, as it falls in the middle of the two months that have been laid aside to celebrate forty years of my wife being on this planet.
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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