Gentlemen do Cape Town

Mosaic A report compliments of esteemed recent guest - Mr John Nice. South Africa 2013 Brief Reflections 20 hours on a car, train, underground, etc -from my doorstep to a very good friend from school who is doing well in South Africa. Destination was Cape Town – heading towards a very posh house. Elements of uncertainty in the air when landing in a country with lots of negative press. This is what happened. DAY ONE – a restaurant with beds and a sunset. DAY TWO – a wine tasting scenario with the whole family – then a chance to meet the locals in the busy bit where we got to hear about ‘bean flicking’....... DAY THREE – a taste of home with cricket and football. DAY FOUR – An early start via the slums, the boats from the new ‘Pirates’ film – followed by wine tasting, quad bikes, a gorgeous beach, wunderbar stars, a few cheeky insect bites and loads of wind-ups about getting eaten by sharks. DAY FIVE – shark time – bless Laughton for getting in the water – another wine taste and then back to base. DAY SIX – a chance to sleep then airport. DAY SEVEN – HOME..... DAY EIGHT – reflection..... Cape Town – a place where you can take it as quickly or as slowly as you like. A great confused place – just like me – and everyone else. Would I go back – yes – one of the best places I have seen? Without doubt. Felt rather ruined when I got home – purely self-inflicted. But I feel I know more about the world a little bit. My family and football is where my heart is though. That aside, South African’s are incredibly personable and proud to be in their country. They never seem to talk about the past in any depth – forward is the best way forth. There is a definite sense that the country is on the cusp of greatness soon met with a confused uncertainty of how to deal with the recent past. So what was learnt? Dan’s Baywatch moment on the beach will never be repeated. Rob seems more at home in South Africa than I’ve ever seen him before. Julie is enjoying things loads but misses her family and friends back home. The kids seem proper happy– but then I’ve not seem them enough in London to properly judge the difference. Conclusion from my experience: Simple pleasures work best – for example: Quad bikes. Trying to flick cigs in a fake basket is a great game – (but bad for the lungs). Watching the stars -proper shine - is relaxing. Winding each other up that we were going to get eaten by sharks is not good for the nerves. Other stuff – pretty sure BJ summed up Rob as being ‘enticing’ – or similar word was used. Ignatia Difference said the best thing about SA was tourism – because it showed him how other people (tourists) react in a different country. Ultimately everywhere is different – it all depends on your objective. My objective was to visit a new place with two very special people and have a good time – objective met – thank you very much.......
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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