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Panaramic of Clifton Beach 2 So our last week has been fairly packed with the arrival on Saturday of Big Rich and touring his non-driving ass around the sights/smells of Cape Town. We spent a lazy late afternoon yesterday on the Clifton 2 beach where my wife spent her time eying up a certain Mr Bloom. This time we went for a three tiered sandcastle/moat system which lasted until Julie had had enough of gazing at a Hollywood ripped torso - then a meal in the centre of town. The journey back was when the children decided on the nickname for the aforementioned ripped torso. Today we went for a walk in the mountains around Hout Bay - led by Zoe a.k.a. The Mountain Goat - up to a waterfall. Tired now and ready to enjoy the box sets of DVD's that Rich brought with him.
Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot is the lifetime's work of a family man. Written for family and friends. Although not a social man his info can be found on Google Plus. This blog is largely about social acceptance.

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