Post Dinner (Cray Fish) Artforms (with Rich)

Post dinner artforms just keep on rolling onwards and upwards - Sea Food Part Two is upon us (Please note that we are not responsible for the lighting from overhead heaters which has wreaked havok with the orangeness(?) of the entrails). Tonight's entry is fraud. Taken last night but my lazy ass has only just got around to sharing it with the world. Apologies to all and sundry - such lapses will not occur again. Her brother is over for a week and we are touring the nightspots targeted towards the slightly younger in hope of finding him a lady friend. Thus last night we ended up in a restaurant called Beluga .... having enjoyed the seafood platter he moved off to entertain a table of ten ladies with tales of foreign paparazzi articles. The scene was thus clear for artclusterstyle to begin. Having never worked with Cray Fish caused a few issues early on, the prawns had been dissected in a slightly careless way and we were (I was) working in an environment that meant to have cleaned the plate prior to creation would have been frowned on. The photos don't do justice to the effect that the layered crayfish had in the flesh. We are as always open to the opinion of others. (Please note that we are no-longer accepting entries from Norway due to their utterly relentless use of minimalism - this is a general artform platform; and not a place for your petty crap).
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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