Stellenbosch, Warwick Wine & Big Cats.

Warwick Wine FarmYesterday we kind of toured the area of Stellenbosch just outside Cape Town (one hour drive). Stellenbosch is very much the home of the wine tour. It lacks the intimacy of the similarly set up town of Franschhoek nearby, with many of the places set up to receive an airplane load of tourists at any given time (Spier Wine Farm especially although this shouldn't deter you from a visit there). We were in search of activities for children and managed to find somewhere where the children would be eaten by a selection of large cats. Vredenheim 'Big Cats Park' seems to have been put together by a lunatic who decided to build a small zoo with a selection of big cats - more on that in Molly's blog. It was well worth it - really personal experience. We think it is owned by a Dutch/African family and it has the strangest cobbled-together feel to it. See more info on We then tootled across Stellenbosch to the Warwick Wine Estate for one of their picnics. You turn up - they give you a picnic - you play around and then taste wine/leave. The estate is about five miles out of the town and feels very relaxes and well thought out. More info on
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