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A further entry in the series of blogs entitled "Where to go when in Cape Town" - Cafe BonBon. We stopped at this restaurant for lunch during an afternoon out in the wine country outside of Cape Town. Wife had researched meticulously and found Cafe Bonbon which is situated in the old part of Franschhoek and seems to be the love of one couple and their staff It was really quite a miserable, rainy day and we were unable to sit outside, but the minute we walked in we fell in love with the architecture, decor and helpful staff. The food was great. Since it was damp and chilly, they had the fireplace going...... and fortunately the children held their own and quietly sat and did sticker books. Past the obligatory homemade bread and butter/oil we had a starter salad to share. Childrens meals were all handmade with fishfingers that more resembled fish cakes in terms of size and quality. The lady took the smoked trout and rarely stopped talking about it during the next two days, and my lamb shank was stunning. I asked for mint sauce like the philistine I am - and it was freshly made for us. The lemon meringue pie was a stunner. The restaurant is part of a larger complex of guest cottages, bed and breakfast and a wine bar - all laid out on
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