Zimbabwe Dollars from One Dollar to One Hundred Trillion Notes

Our aim for the next year is to get a load of these notes for all and sundry back in the UK. Found these in a cafe up on the wall over the weekend. A nice piece of history. What is astounding is the Wiki information - "Although the dollar was considered to be among the highest-valued currency units when it was introduced in 1980 to replace the Rhodesian dollar at par, political turmoil and hyperinflation rapidly eroded the value of the Zimbabwe dollar to become one of the least valued currency units in the world, undergoing three redenominations, with high face value paper denominations including a $100 trillion banknote (1014).The third redenomination produced the "fourth dollar" (ZWL) which was worth 1 trillion ZWR (third dollar) and 10 septillion "first dollar" ZWD, so overall the ratio of the redenominations was 103 × 1010 × 1012 = 1025." Nice little article on the crisis from 2000 to 2008 - http://greatblogabout.com/?p=1425.
Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot

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