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Coffee on the rocks is a charming little lunch spot in De Kelders on the Southern Cape. Not the most stunning website - - but the location is second to none, and the food was fresh. The restaurant is set at the top level of a house so the views are breathtaking. Wander through to the toilets and you realise that you are actually in someone's living room and then bathroom. Very much adds to the whole experience. At one stage we were viewing eight whales in different locations. Molly pointed out that it was strange that they were all playing in pairs - she has yet to fully understand the meaning of mating grounds. I trust this will be of more interest to people than the events that are about to unfurl as a man attempts jump to Earth from Space (does Space have a capital S as it is a location?) (As an aside the new format we are using for all blog photos is 1024*768 - for too long your viewing pleasure has been limited by Microsoft's old standard of 448* 336. The bandwidth is here for you all to enjoy the youthful Bobalot's world in HD) Contact details for Coffee on the Rocks 81 Cliff Road De Kelders 028 384 2017
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