Making small attachments using Office Picture manager

Most fools with a scanner and half a brain will use the highest resolution possible when taking a picture or scan a document at a resolution fit for a king. This makes for wonderful pictures to print, but it is not the best idea to email these photos as they simply clog the world up Optimizing photos by resizing them, makes the file size smaller. This makes it easier to send and use in other documents. Pictures will still be clear and lovely on screen, but will not be monopolizing the resources of your computer at the same time. The Seven Steps to attachment enlightenment
  • If you are scanning then scan as an image eg. jpeg - rather than scanning to pdf or gif. However if you have a gif this process will
  • Get the picture/image on your desktop and right click on it. It will give you an option of "Open With" - and then choose the option Microsoft Office Picture Manager/Microsoft Office 2010
  • In the top menu choose the box edit picture
  • There are several options for editing your pictures. In this case the simplest is the compress pictures option at the bottom. Live a little and click on it.
  • Now it offers you a variety of options - my favoured one for email attachments and web pages is the "Web Page" option - highlight it and click OK at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • For certain files it will just save it straight to the file on your desktop. For other files (.png and .gif) it will ask you to create a file. Just do this and you will find another file on your desktop with the same name
  • To check what has happened go to the file on the desktop - right click on it - go to properties and it will tell you the size of the file.
Anything under 100 KB is your target. If the letters MB are in there you need to start again. For every image attachment I receive that it under 100kb and that has been named correctly - eg. For below - file-properties-sizes.jpg I give a donation to charity. Save the internet for future generations by taking some care with the awesome device at your fingertips.
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