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So it has been some time since your world has been populated by the thoughts of a certain Sir Bobalot and for that accept my humble apologies. Repatriation across to the other side of the world takes it's toll and take an age to settle into. A package deal for South Africa should include mobiles(with data packages), permanent residency visas, year-long house rental, international school for three children, internet connection (uncapped), gas fires (cold here at night at this time of the year), bank accounts (with PINS), locations of nearest petrol station and many more - that's at least a months worth there. But mostly assembled now ...... House is great and today's almost newsworthy news is that the family will from this point forward be travelling in the below with a couple of surfboards and children attached to the roof. It is with great pride and little foreplay that today we release images of the motorised vehicle we will rely on for transportation from this point. Some among you may laugh at the fact that Julie has now resorted to driving around in an SUV - In her absence I beg your reconsideration. She needs a large transporter to bring back the shopping on time for the maid to cook it.
Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot is the lifetime's work of a family man. Written for family and friends. Although not a social man his info can be found on Google Plus. This blog is largely about social acceptance.

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