Mollys Homework

Rabbit 1. It had red eyes. 2. It had white fur. 3. It felt soft. 4. Some live in hutches.     Snake 1. It was scaly. It was not slimy. 2. It had lovely patterns on its scales. 3. It was big and heavy. It was as long as my back. 4. Snakes are reptiles.   Mouse 1. It was bigger than I thought it would be. 2. It was tickly when it walked on me. 3. It had brown fur. 4. They usually creep out where lots of people have been and take food at night.   Spider 1. It had dark coloured fur. 2. It could move very fast. 3. It was as big as my palm. 4. All spiders are predators and some spiders will eat other spiders. By Molly Laughton - molly-laughton-animal-homework
Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot is the lifetime's work of a family man. Written for family and friends. Although not a social man his info can be found on Google Plus. This blog is largely about social acceptance.

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