Blackwater Mineral Pitch Enriched Water

A refreshing new and natural water containing a complex of over 77 trace minerals, elements and electrolytes. Tastes only of fresh water though it is black in colour due to the infusion of Fulvic and Humic compounds which are nature's most complete source of minerals. Fulvic and humic compounds can be found naturally in plants and soils, it is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. Blackwater is a simple way of adding a fulvic supplement to any diet. Drink one or two bottles per day to experience the natural benefits fulvic and humic compounds provide, believed by some to be: a more alkaline body, increased energy, blood oxygenation, detoxify pollutants. The Fulvic and Humic compounds are a formula proprietary to Blackwater and are extracted from 80 million year old humified organic matter mined in the North American Rockies. Refreshing. Blackwater Mineral Pitch Enriched Water 375ml, Cold Drinks and Mixers, Harvey Nichols Store View.
Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot

Sir Bobalot is the lifetime's work of a family man. Written for family and friends. Although not a social man his info can be found on Google Plus. This blog is largely about social acceptance.

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