The Travels & Travails of Sir Bobalot & Entourage

Ongoing documentation of the life for Sir Bobalot, friends, family & acquaintances. Written to let people know what is going on & also to lay down a living history of what has been. The aim of Sir Bobalot is a simple & straight forward one. Documenting & sharing the happy memories of a family man in the midst of a 21st century family.

Family History – Meet the Aitkens

From the archives a selection of photos dating back to 1936 holidays in Scarborough

Marshmallow Song 2016

The one you have all been waiting for - the latest installment of the Marshmallow song from the Lizard 2016.

Youff Culture

And so to the end of year Buxted School Youth theatre group
Wha Daur Meddle Wi Mi

A fifty year old doodle

Julie's Scottish great grandfather (1887 - 1965) doodled this. He was a lithographer - I rather like it. Those in need can request a translation. Hint being a little prickly

Les Gets

Lovely three days skiing with Andy in Les Gets. Although a farmer he is actually quite a nice guy with an ability to fall down the mountain with certain style and grace.
Six Foot Stuffed Camel Part One

The Camel has landed

The Camel has landed - nuff said bout da Six Foot Stuffed Camel

One Armed Bandits

Our new favourite in the world of one arm bandits - Copper King
Laughton 2015 Ibiza selfie

Ibiza 2015

Don't mention it to anyone as we are not meant to be here. Hopefully the lawyers won't catch up with us. View the googleised album by hitting your mouse on these underscored words.

Paul Van Schalkwyk

Simply Stunning images from Namibia - from Etosha all the way down to the Skeleton Coast. Come the apocalypse it is either going to be Namibia or the Transkei.

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